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New crafts and crafty ideas from crafters

items shown here may no longer be available - new things may come and go, but the memories live on



Boniface Chikwenhere always finds something new hidden in driftwood


A delightful new design in cuttlery


Geoffrey Hudson of Rose Wood Crafts

has the best collection of wooden kitchenware available anywhere

Highest standards of manufacture and design, in fine rare woods

cutting boards for the kitchen in rare woods


Always painting

therefore there is always something new from the brushes of Ann Coetzee

Ann Coetzee


Ronaldino, our birdman now has these beauties in a variety of combinations

A slice of nature, such a realistic feel, you can almost hear them singing

three birds


Master glass cutter Jan

amazing to watch and his elegant products speak for themselves

like this wedding champagne glass

sheer elegance


Pewter art from Bev - bottles added to the range










elegant combination

pictures cannot do them justice


















Large oil and acrylic paintings by Ellie

Eburne, Ellie, Ellie's Art, Art, large oil and acrylic, 071 355 2518, eburne.ellie@gmail.com

l  a  r  g  e .... come sea see for yourself


and also knot to be missed -  in a ropey twist of irony, Hendrik Landman, who is actually a Seaman ...

Landman, Hendrik, It's Knot Art, Knot boards, key rings, 021 787 3839, 0727204836/0824511477(Serena), itsknotart@ymail.com

makes knot art
(and just to make this clear, that is knot art that is art from knots and not knot art that is not art)
so you can Know your Knots - a must for any nautical pub
but remember knot to drink and drive - or you will be knicked



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