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New crafts and crafty ideas from crafters

items shown here may no longer be available - new things may come and go, but the memories live on


Papillon Fashions

Papillon Fashions

African Style at its best


Mellow Yellow, or is that Mellon Yellow

gourd puppet

Says Gourd Morning to you all


and have you heard of the band called ...

puppet band

Strange Fruit



... and now for something completely different ...

and somewhat fishy




We have heard of the Stone fish, but who wood have thought ....?


fishy catch

Katherine's Catch of the Day

Get 'em while they're fresh



And during a cold Cape winter

Andrew's new wooly jumper may be just what you need



And here is another wooly jumper

lesley's jerseys

complete with some other wooly jumpers playing all over it ...

a child's deight

We know that a jersey is something that a child has to put on when his or her mother is cold

Well, there should be no complaints about these jerseys

... although we have not yet discovered where to put the batteries in



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