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New crafts and crafty ideas from crafters

items shown here may no longer be available - new things may come and go, but the memories live on


Keeping a beady eye on the passers-by


Seems there is no limit to what the wire and bead crafters can make



And another rare tortoise species,

a lone Testudo Recyclus spp Scrapmetallus

metal tortoise

was a '78 Chevy in his last life,

and hopes one day to become a Mars Rover...



And this fellow, reported to be a ...


... Newcastle Pony

football fans will understand



special beads with a diffference


not from Newcastle



and another pony, Vonk


who is never static

and is ready to dance to your tune



and this amazing device, designed to assist Eskom

with overcoming the load shedding problems

Frog power!

The Ultimate Green Power

running a hydroelectric generator

You will notice if you come and check these out

that Johan has a cable plugged into the mains box

feeding the frog power into the national grid

frogs and barrow

Well, this story is at least as believable as 

the other fairie stories we get told ...

fairie barrow

and we wait to see if Eskom will give Johan

a Kermit, sorry, Permit

to continue producing his hydro-electricity



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