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New crafts and crafty ideas from crafters

items shown here may no longer be available - new things may come and go, but the memories live on


Out-of-this-world ceramics from ***Mars***

Mars Schutte

Mars Schutte - Decorative Pottery



Our Birdman Ronaldino - no, we did say Ronaldino...

stone birds

... carves lifelike birds from stone

We could say he is the Birdman of the Rock



Pet pics ...

pet picss

... made to order By Doret Visser ...

"Het jy iets van 'vis' gesÍ ..."

"Better than stone birds ..."



Some really regal beadwork



new Permanent Member Nosisa Magutywa



Always a new wise face peering out of the woodwork


at the magical Forest Folk stall

Where Jenny offers a treemendous variety of faerie people



No need to brush the


away at Stall 119,

as the the crowds are in and out all the time


Checking out the new designs

cobweb clothes



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