While the Rains Fall - Part 1

with apologies to all not sufficiently offended

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Winter may be a time of rest for some,

but in order for busy crafters to be ready for the new season,

it is a time to restock, improve products,

dream up new ideas, and work, work, work ... and then

work some more

Well that is our story and we are sticking to it ...



But just in case you need proof ...

see for yourself


Busy bees building beads

Training starts young at Thandeka designs

and while their crafters are fighting the clock and calendar

to beat the September deadline,

Gregan Bodington's child is keeping a beady eye on proceedings

and taking in some early crafting lessons.




 Sometimes, getting all these bits and pieces put together into

 the new ranges for summer, seems an impossible task,

but bit by bead by thread, somehow the goal is reached,

 although ...

sometimes ...


just sometimes ...


power nap - all crafted out

a Power Nap

is the right medicine when one is simply ...

... just all crafted out.



Part 2



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