The Story of the Country Craft Market

1983 - 2008

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It all started on 12 November 1983

not-so-humble beginnings


Much preparation work and sounding out the local residents had revealed a significant enthusiasm for the emergence of such a market. Crafters and shoppers alike, were ready for its appearance. 


This article in the District Mail of December 9 followed this first market .....


Crafts Market is on!

HANDMADE patchwork quilts, porcelain dolls, appliqué jackets and silkscreen clothing are just a few of the items that will be on display and for sale at the Crafts Market to be held tomorrow morning at Barlow Park behind Knowles.

Yes, the Crafts Market is still on! After the success of the first one, held at Southey's Vines on Saturday, November 12, the public and the exhibitors, were overwhelmingly in favour of it becoming a permanent feature of the town. So much so that more than 400 signatures were collected for a petition to the Municipality, stating that they were in favour of the idea.

Pam Stallebrass told the District Mail that the exhibitors had received the go-ahead from the authorities to hold a Crafts Market this month - although at a different venue, Barlow Park.

For those who do not know where the Park is - it used to be the Play Park and is situated behind the gravel carpark behind Knowles, in Drama Street. Although a bit of the peaceful, shady atmosphere of Southey's Vines will be lost at the new venue, it will be closer to the middle of town and more shoppers would thus be able to pop along and browse around.

Pam told the Mail that 79 people, mostly from the HH area, applied to exhibit at tomorrow morning's December Craft Market so it is guaranteed that just about something of everything home-made imaginable will be displayed and for sale.

Other new exhibits that will be seen tomorrow, are stalls displaying leather work, smocking, yellowwood wood-burning items and a jeweller making gold and silver articles.

There are also lots more that will make super Christmas presents for family and friends. Present exhibitors, and any others who intend exhibiting their homemade goods in future, will have to join an association which has been formed by the organisers of the Market, in order to meet the requirements of the Somerset West Town Council.

So get the rest of your Christmas shopping done tomorrow morning - from 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon.




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