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The Country Craft Market celebrates it's 25th year

With a Bumper Market on 29 November 2008

The 25th year committee

Part 1

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Bumper celebration market

Interesting craftwork and crafters

Relaxing beer garden

Tremendous value

Happy vibes

Demonstrations galore

Artistic creations

Yummy food


Come along and join in the fun at our Bumper birthday market on November 29. Browse amongst the interesting crafts such as, leatherwork, pottery, Christmas crackers and stockings, fairy costumes, fabric painting, fairies in bubbles, butterflies, beadwork and jewellery, just to mention a few.


Have a break in the relaxing atmospere of the Rotary Beer Garden


 or grab an ice cream to cool down. Everything you find at the Country Craft Market is handcrafted and of tremendous value. There are lots of happy vibes as one saunters around or has a seat in the shade to watch busy shoppers pass by. Watch some, or all of the 10 demonstrations scattered around the market area and experience the thrill of artistic creations as the finished products unfold before your very eyes.



Then, to top your morning off, sit down and savour some of the yummy foods ...









.....supplied by

2nd Somerset West Cubs and Scouts,











  Helderberg Rotary Club, Somerset West Rotary Anns










On The Go Fusion Café






 ....and the On The Go Fusion Café.










On The Go Fusion Café




Then meander on home with a full tummy and loaded with all your Christmas presents.






Demonstrations are as follows:





Stall 200  -  Jenny Jewell  -  Jewell's Home Crafts - Serviette Decoupage

Sithembele Mgadi  -  Shack Dwelling 3D Pictures  -  Stall 2





Stall 36  -  Nico Bantjes  -  Spirits of the Forest - Artistic Woodturning

Attie Mussman  -  Papier Mache Birds  -  Stall 92





Stall 46  -  Estelle Van Schalkwyk  -  Wildlife Drawings and Paintings

Wendy Coetzee  -  Sunset Candles - Candle Painting  -  Stall 29




Stall 189  -  Andrew Dombuleni  -  Recycled Metalwork - Wire Artistry

Louise McNish  -  Zippity Bags - Butterfly Objet d'Art  -  Stall 184




Stall 68  -  Santa Petersen  -  Tatting

Pat Hayden  -  Raku Pottery  -  Stall 112




Don't miss out on Father Christmas who will be at the market. He may just have a few surprises up his sleeve

and guest   Jan Winckel  -  Glass Engraving  -  Stall 82



Part 2



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