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My co-potters and I believe that we bring a new approach to the field of pottery. Our ceramic pieces bridge the gap between functional wares and artworks. While they are designed to be used in everyday life, one cannot use them without appreciating the colourful designs that beautify them.

Even though we have a standard range of ceramic pieces, hand decorating them means each piece will be unique and will carry the stamp of the person working on the design.






As a starting point, we draw our inspiration from nature and especially plants and animals. Then we use traditional styles to decorate our ceramics but try to apply the designs onto our blank canvas of ceramic bisque-ware, in untraditional ways.




We understand that we are each individual and different so we are careful to use a blend of experience, passion and spontaneity to make our traditional looking designs individual and different. This also means that our traditions are being propelled into the modern era. Our only guideline is to use a sense of artistic expression rather than simple reproduction, to pay tribute to the subjects we are depicting and present them in a harmonious but vibrant way.









While our images are graphic and sometime naive, their colours are bright and bold and capture the energy of Africa and the harmony of Nature (as it should be) on our continent.









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