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Gibson Munondo

Stall 127


Wire Craft of all Shapes and Sizes



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Phone:     021 510 7371

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Cell:          073 787 7390

Email:       nzimelagibson@gmail.com




I started working with wire and creating wire objects in Soweto, selling them in the big city, Johannesburg.




Then in 1998, one of my customers asked me if I perhaps wanted to come to Cape Town to help him start a school to teach crafts to people in Khayelitsha. I agreed and he brought me to Cape Town where I have been working with him at the school, teaching people wire craft. But even now I still sometimes return to Johannesburg to help there too with the teaching of wire craft.


When I first started, I had only a few designs and small quantities of each. Now the business has grown and with the help of my wife, I can sell at many more markets and can offer many more designs. Some of the designs like the motor bikes, Volkswagens and the saxophones, I have created on my own. Others are items that are requested by the customers who have seen them in other places. Some customers even bring me pictures of what they want and I find a way to make them with wire.





Obviously I like to reflect the colours and themes of Africa and therefore use beads of many colours to improve the designs. The chameleon is a good example as it is an animal of many colours. Come and see for yourself all the different things that I make. I am sure you will find something that you like.


Wire is my life, apart from football, and I am always very busy making wire things, or teaching people how to work with wire.


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