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I arrived at art as a career via a route used by many artists who initially choose more formal employment. Like so many others who doubt the career opportunities in art, I also first followed a more stable career path. In my case this was establishing a successful career in business.





Having studied at both the Universities of Natal and the Witwatersrand, it may have seemed to be a tough decision to abandon such a career. Still, I found that my first love, painting, was beckoning too persuasively for me to ignore its call.



Therefore. painting had become my fulltime occupation by 2007, at which time my family headed to the Cape so as to be able to better enjoy family life. The move was most beneficial all round as I discovered in the magnificent Cape scenery which offered all the inspiration I needed to confirm my decision and make my painting career flourish further.





My style is both vibrant and bold. I choose to use oils to capture the vivid colours and light that are the trademarks of Africa. My subjects include many things from nature, specifically landscapes, still life, wildlife and bird life.



I am grateful that my work has found homes throughout South Africa and beyond. I have had a number of exhibitions both in Gauteng and the Western Cape and welcome commissions. I believe my paintings make excellent mementos for those who, like me, enjoy the natural wonder of South Africa.






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