Beaded Figures and Paintings

Bernard Bepura

Stall 89


Beaded Figures and Paintings



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I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and since birth, have been following a path of art. I started in my school days, producing drawings and went on to become a painter in the early 1990's. After that, I kept expanding the scope of my artwork.





I taught myself to do stone sculpting, wood carving, mosaics and beadwork. I used these skills to turn my love for wildlife into an ever increasing collection of wire and bead sculptures. I try to remain true to the nature of the subjects that I use in my work and show them off in the best way possible. It is my tribute to the wildlife of our special continent, Africa.


I focus on accuracy and detail whether making a small replica of a zebra, or a full-scale version of a lion. Each item gets my full attention.

I have now included a variety of human forms in a number of media from wire, beads and even cutlery. I try to capture in unusual ways, the everyday activities, joys and concerns of everyday people at work and play.





The beads provide a good way to introduce vibrant colour into my work and the results are always eye-catching and almost seem to be alive.


I also produce many home decor items like lamps, bowls, and other functional pieces. My artwork has allowed me to take part in a number of shows, like Design Indaba, and Home Makers Expo and I hope to participate in may more in the future, and believe I am ready to expand this into international markets as soon as the right opportunities arise.


Thankfully, I am married to a very supportive wife who allows me to pursue my art. She is also always helping me with my beadwork. This allows me to keep moving forward and adding new facets to my work. So keep returning to see what is new.






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