Casual Member Stall

The occupant of this stall will vary from market to market

Stall 25


Some craft surprises at each Market


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You can always find out whether a specific Casual Member will be present by calling the Country Craft Market phone numbers given below. Otherwise, click the Contact us button on the left to send us an email.

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The Country Craft Market has two types of membership:

Permanent Members:   These crafters will be at all markets (with a few exceptions when they are unable to attend). They provide the backbone to the market and have firm commitments to being present and ensuring a vibrant market with high quality arts and crafts, and a varied choice of products.

Casual Members:  These crafters, either by choice, or while they are waiting for a permanent placement, attend markets according to a schedule calculated by the Market Committee. They play a vital role in offering changes in the content and layout of the market as they are placed at different stalls for each market. They always provide surprises for the regular visitor.





On these pages we show some of the Casual Member stalls. Casual Member stalls are marked with yellow flags.


Some Casual Members have their own pages on this website

see Casual Members on the Website








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