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Zippity Bags. Zip it, zip it up, zip it down, zip it around.

This strong, functional bag is incredibly versatile.

Zippity Bags take to form of various sized Handbags, with a long shoulder strap easily converted to the length required.




Zippity Bags are novelty as well as functional pencil cases.

Zippity Bags are Clutch bags, cosmetic bags, or sparkly evening purses.

Zippity Bags are available in all sizes, as well as made to order colour and styles.

Dads finally have a useful gift in the form of a Zippity Bag wine carrier.

Our bags suit one and all, from teenagers' flashy neon brilliant colours and trimmings, to denim . Young girls love dainty smaller bags in pastels.

Boys and girls alike are pleased to own a unique pencil case. These could also be used to store their precious "treasures".

Ladies could choose from modest plain colours, to smart braid decorated bags in a large variety of colours and sizes.







Of course black, black and even black bags are readily available, plain or decorated.

Our Local as well as Overseas Visitors are thrilled to find unique take-home gifts: Handmade in Cape Town, with locally manufactured.

Bamboo braid and printed with our unique Zebra stripe pattern, the Big Five or Elephant Family designs.

Each bag has a matching "Bling Bling" beaded decorative Zip Puller. These are also available to purchase on their own."

Zippity Bags and Bling Bling zip pullers are all carefully stitched and assembled by us.




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