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Deciding what form our craft would take, we knew that we needed to do our bit for the environment and Wooden Reel Craft was born. We started with designing tables by upcycling wooden cable reels. Our chalk table and little colourful stools are a hit with young and old alike. From our tables and stools it was an almost natural progression to wooden balance boards that incorporated our interest in health and wellness, upcycling and sturdy quality product.



A balance board is a device used for recreation, balance training, athletic training, brain development, therapy, musical training and other kinds of personal development. The purpose of balance boards is to create an uneven surface that requires you to focus on steadying yourself.


Balance training is good for people of every age. Everyone can benefit and it is fun so you may not even recognise that you are exercising! You need to start slowly and progressively make the exercises harder to keep challenging your body.


Our balance boards are solid wood and come in plain wood, upcycled wood and designer boards. We use a variety of yin yang designs including:
yin yang smiley face
horse yin yang
cat yin yang
Boards purchased for schools, clubs or practices can have the institutions name stencil printed onto the boards.


We currently have two designs for our balance boards with more designs to follow! Our small square board we call a Rockstar, useful for stimulating the bloodflow in the legs for those who lead a more sedentary life style, the ankles benefit from greater ROM (Range of Motion) and it is so easy to use. the Rockstar can also be used by the more active as exercise equipment. Our other board we call UBO (Useful Balancing Object). This board is a workout for your core and these are the boards we decorate with fun designs, already mentioned are our fun yin yang, another popular design is our flower of life, the elements (water, air, fire, earth) can be read in two directions!


Come try out our UBO and our Rockstar at our stall, pop in and ask questions about the benefits of our boards and ask us to show you how they work!




The process of employing stilts for mobility, has been around since as far back as the 6th Century BC!  Stilts are used to build body awareness and balance. They also provide a great workout and strength builder for the core, back, and lower body. Stilts will help children develop physical abilities/skills that they do not use normally.


Stilt walking is not only fun, it also helps to develop self-confidence and belief in oneís
ability. Learning to stilt walk is a great way to fine-tune your coordination and
balance. It also provides non-competitive physical activity and helps youth develop a
positive relationship with their body through balance, physical strength and healthy
risk-taking. And did we mention that itís fun?

download a pdf with more info on stilts




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