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Cacti and Succulents

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My interest in cacti and succulents began in 1976 when I visited a local cactus-show in Germany. I starting immediately afterwards with a few pots on a windowsill but not surprisingly ended up with huge hobby, a few thousand of these amazing plants, and an extensive knowledge of their natural habitats and growth habits.

Subsequently, as a founding member of a succulent society and member of the Leipzig cactus branch I have given lectures all over East Germany.




My emigration to South Africa in 1990 brought a new beginning, initially on a farm. Then some years later I installed my first greenhouse in the backyard to house my growing and expanding collection. After meeting Sandra, who would become my wife, I got her interested and involved. We have worked together for the last 5 years and enjoy the hobby of growing cacti and other succulents.


Few people know that the approximately 4000 species of cacti only originate from the two American continents. However, one can find the 10 000 or so species of succulents all over the world, but especially in southern Africa.


Most of them can be called waterwise plants because they need little water and because of this make gardening easier. But as importantly, since a great variety of shapes, sizes and colours (body, leaves and flowers) are available, they also add exciting design possibilities for the imaginative gardener.





Some cacti and succulents also make good pot plants, provided they are given enough light.


While we supply indigenous plants from South Africa (Aloe, Mesembs, Ascleps), we also have plants from Madagascar (Pachypodium, Atluaudia), Namibia and other African countries. Of course we also have many cacti that originate from Middle and South America (Marmilaria, Notocactus, Echinopsis). Together with supplying a big variety of cacti and succulents, we are able to assist with expert advice on the culture of waterwise plants, and related garden designs.


Most of our plants are homegrown from seed. Sometimes they are propagated from cuttings or off-sets. Many live to a different and ancient time scale and take several years to reach flowering size. In spite of this, the big range of plants we offer are easily affordable, being very reasonable priced.







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