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Tin ware


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I make and "old world" range of tin items that includes baths, buckets and jugs in a wide variety of forms, designs and sizes. I also produces elegant vases and metal tins of all sizes from “cute” to “wow”. Some are decorated with embossed motifs to make them more decorative.


I come from Mafikeng in the north of South Africa. My father earned his living making tin containers for farming communities before plastic and other products became more popular.  Initially I helped my father with his business in the local community, but made and sold containers of all sorts in the Free State, again mostly to farming communities who appreciated the durability of tin wares.


With time, I realised that in the cities, there is greater appreciation for the finer and more decorative items of my range range. This drew me to Cape Town where I began to sell at the craft market circuit, assisted by my wife Momery who helps with the sale of my work.


A renewed interest in galvanised iron containers in home decorating, has also helped to establish my business. I make many items ideal for this purpose with old-world charm. I also add to the range all the time as I get new requests or new ideas.



The interesting thing is that both young and old are interested in my tinware and there are items for all ages. Little boys love my tin boxes for their treasures. Men like the bigger tins for their garages. Little girls like my tin bags. Women like my tall vases for their flowers. 



Tin work as I do it is pure handwork. This is a very physical task with simple hand tools. The results are tin items that reflect a past time, or a rural environment that some still remember and others can rediscover. Modern designs and forms make them practical even in the plastic world of today.



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