Sonja Desouza and Matilda du Plessis

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Girls and ladies clothing

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We are sisters and together, just love to be creative!!! We both had knitted many jerseys for our boys but then had to focus on being mothers for our growing boys. Consequently, time for knitting became less and in any event, hand-knitting items were not very popular with the boys!




30 years ago, Matilda started sewing for an income and just loved creating clothes from a piece of fabric! Then after Matilda and her husband moved to Strand in 2013, the creativity between us sisters started all over again! We joined a crocheting group and discovered Moya cotton yarn. Our mother taught us crocheting years ago and since crocheting is suddenly popular again, we decided to begin to crochet dresses for Sonja's 2 year old granddaughter.


We crochet the yokes with different cotton yarns and use lovely colourful cotton fabrics for the dress bottoms. We specialized in girls dresses from 6 months up to 7 years. Each dress is decorated with love and excitement using lace, ribbon, appliqué, interesting buttons, embroidery, etc.

After having made only boys clothing for years, it is exciting to be creating girls clothes …
... just love it!!!!

… and not one of our dresses is the same as any other


We also play with wool and yarns to bring something interesting to the table for ladies - such as crocheted tops and neck warmers for winter. We upcycle denims into belts for ladies to wear on the hips over a t-shirt or dress and decorate them with crocheting, appliqué, beads, lace, embroidery, words, etc.


Always be curious to see what's new at our stall!!!




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