The Fairy Grotto

Gill Oliver

Stall 45

Fairy Dresses and Accessories

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Phone:     021 852 6608






Having six grandsons I decided that it was about time that I made something soft and feminine in pink so I made the change and went from under-glass decoupage to fairy costumes for little ones.






 I have had a tremendous amount of pleasure sewing soft and pretty fabric for little girls and have named my stall "The Fairy Grotto" with the word "Grotto" incorporating my intials "G and O".



I have a range of fairy dresses ranging in age from three years to about seven or eight years old. Some are simple whilst others are quite fancy. I also have two or three varieties of fairy wings in different colours, fairy wands, fairy jewellery as well as bridal veils and headbands.







In the near future I hope to add fairy handbags as well as bigger bags for children to carry ballet costumes or swimming costumes. The latter will be decorated with fairy prints.



If you have little girls or are a granny please come come and visit

The Fairy Grotto

and capture those long lost childhood memories of fairies and gnomes.








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