Tender Touch

Ken and Dawn Hull

Stall 82

Natural, Pure Soaps and Balms

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Cell:          082 824 1422

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We started making soap because of her sensitive skin, and desire to eliminate toxins from her life. Friends liked the samples she offered, and encouraged her to make more. Ken soon became the driving force behind production

We produce
  Hand made pure soap.
  Natural balms
  Hand made liquid soap
  Natural skincare



All our products are based on the desire to tread lightly on the earth. We use sustainably obtained vegetable oils, preferably sourced locally, and Essential Oils. We love using Rooibos Tea, Buchu Tea and local beers in our soaps. We use Olive Oil from the Cape as the base oil in most soaps.


All ingredients are chosen for what they bring to the final product, so we can offer you gentle soaps for babies, bar shampoo and soap you can use for laundry. Because we love, breed and show our dogs, we make a special doggie bar.





We do not use artificial surfactants, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate or similar products. No laboratory produced fragrances are added, only essential oils which add to the goodness of the soap or balm.







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