Spirits of the Forest

Nico Bantjes

Stall 31

Artistic woodturning

       Contact us at:

Phone:     021 913 0296

Cell:          084 610 0026

Email:       nico@paragmed.co.za, fionaj@bey.co.za







I have been doing woodwork for about 30 years. It is my hobby, but a productive one. I have produced much furniture and all sorts of wooden objects, partly as a way to earn an extra bit of income and finance my passion for wood.


During the last 5 years, I have specialised in wood turning. It gives me great pleasure and enormous satisfaction when I am able to create a piece of art from a discarded piece of wood. I believe that in a way I give some recognition to the beauty of the tree.


Through revealing the heart of the wood, I believe I can give a longer life to the wood, which I believe is nature's gifts to us.



I only use wood that has been felled for none commercial reasons. In so doing, I pay tribute to the life of the tree. When one sees the difference between the weathered and battered pieces of wood I start with, and the beautiful bowls that they produce, I feel like an alchemist of wood.


The intricate patterns of the rings, and the integration of the flaws into the design, make these bowls unique, each and every one. I try to help people see the natural beauty that would have otherwise have simply vanished or been hidden.



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