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Ronel Visser

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Lampwork Beads from Recycled Glass

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Having always been crazy about coloured glass, I started making glass beads after watching a short demonstration by a fellow crafter during the 2005 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.





In 2006 I went on an advanced bead-making course in Turkey at The Glass Furnace outside Istanbul.

Although lampwork beads are usually made using glass rods which are imported from Italy, I mainly use recycled glass and get my glass from coloured bottles, jars, left-over mosaic tiles and stained glass off-cuts which Willie Lourens, the stained glass artist at the Country Craft Market, generously supplies.


However, the more intricate beads have to be made with the imported glass because of the different rates at which the various types of glass expand and contract during heating and cooling.






The glass is held in the flame of a burner and the molten glass is then shaped into beads around a stainless steel rod (like one would wind syrup onto a teaspoon). The thickness of the stainless steel rod determines the size of the hole in the bead but the size and shape of the different beads are limited only by the bead-maker's imagination.


After a slow cooling process to allow the glass to anneal, the beads can be removed from the rods and are ready for use.


I make one-of-a-kind necklaces and scarf pendants as well as a range of quality stainless steel cutlery, utensils & bar items decorated with my beads. These include butter / pâté knives, cheese knives, salad servers, serving spoons, bottle stoppers, bottle openers, cake lifters and olive & sugar spoons.

Unlike the mass produced, uniform beads one can obtain from bead shops, each of these handmade beads is unique.






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