Recycled Metalwork

Andrew Dombuleni

Stall 77

Recycled Metalwork

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Cell:          083 711 0646







I am one of a group of Cape Town based crafters who work in various forms of metal to produce a most interesting collection of sculptural pieces of all forms and sizes.





My speciality is a rather unique approach to wire art. I cover the wire frames of my creations with paper, recycled metal and other waste products, producing works that reflect wonderful definition in their simplified forms.



I begin my creations by fashioning a wire frame that is in effect a sculpture. It is difficult to see the detail that I am building into this frame as they are comprised of much more space than wire. In some cases, when it adds to the effect, I use beads to give colours to the work.





Then as I begins covering them, the layers of paper, or sheets of metal form around the wire and the sculptures take shape. Soon a three dimensional image builds and wire and the covering are combined into bold forms that convey the boldness of Africa in spite of their sometimes elegant appearance.



In the hands of the other members of my group, scrap metal, chicken wire, factory waste, and metal sheets take on the forms of everything from tiny musicians to large animals.




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