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Richard Tityiwe

Stall 85

Beaded Wire Sculpture


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Cell:          084 654 4881





I came to Cape Town from Zimbabwe so that I could take care of my family by working here and selling my products. But apart from that, I have always dreamed of coming to Cape Town, to this famous city, the sea and the mountains, especially the famous natural wonder of the world, Table Mountain. I always believed Cape Town was a beautiful, peaceful place where I would like to live. Then about 10 years ago, this dream came true.







Since childhood, I, like many other children in Zimbabwe, made wire items for fun and to sell. So I decided that this was what I would do to earn an income. With the many tourists that visit Cape Town, I would be able to sell them memories of their visits and therefore I started making curios and wire and bead sculptures that would remind them of the things they saw in Cape Town.


I change my products depending on the season. At Christmas, decorations and Christmas trees are popular while in other seasons, animals, birds, flowers and mementos are what people look for.








Of all my different collections of items, my bird collection is probably my favourite. They are colourful and brighten up homes, indoors and outdoors. The

African fly catcher
Cape sugar bird
Sun bird
King fisher
Lilac breasted roller

are some of the birds you will find at my stall.



I am a football fan and support Pirates and Manchester United but I sometimes wish the local Ajax and Cape Town City will become world famous and draw many more sport tourists to Cape Town. This will be good us all and improve the Cape even more.


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