Pirate Trading "Sea Moon Design"

Simone and Hamish Fyfe

Stall 136

Clothing, Belts, Shells

       Contact me at:

Phone:     021 788 2818

Fax:          021 788 2818

Cell:          074 251 6286

Email:       pirateseamoon@gmail.com






We have extensive knowledge on the clothing industry, both here and in the UK where we spent 5 months of the year over winter, for 6 years.


In the UK, we did regattas, air shows, royal shows and agricultural shows.




Our clothing range, Sea Moon Designs, is a line of elegant cottonware, standard size range from 32 to 40.


However, we can make to order, larger and smaller sizes, and extra long pants.










We also produce a fine collection of polished shells, gathered from around the world. These include:

Tritans from the Philippines

Turbos from Madagascar

Turbos from South Africa, our own Alikreukel

Abaline (Perlemoen) from South Africa

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