Nosisa's African Beadwork

Nosisa Magutywa

Stall 107

A Variety of Beadwork

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Phone:     021 361 5246

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I am Nosisa Magutywa, born in a small Eastern Cape village called Tosomo. I call my business, Nosisa's African Beadwork, clearly defining the traditional nature of my African craft.







I started Nosisa's African Beadwork in 1997, but actually the true beginning of my craftwork was much earlier, when I was still a young girl. It was my grandmother who taught me the traditional craft of African beadwork, showing me the techniques and designs that she knew.


I have since taken what she taught me and added the things I have learned along the way, making my work uniquely mine, more modern, but still very traditional.




Our beadwork products include:


The main items are, necklaces, earrings and bracelets


So many different items, but of course for this time of year, angels, stars, balls, and trees

We also get commission work, especially for corporate gifts

Including, beaded wine glasses, spoons, key-holders, and jug covers


Our range is always changing and increasing as we add new ideas.




It must be said that one of the strongest motivations for me to start my own business was the lack of work opportunities, and the resulting poverty that we lived with. I have used my success to help other also earn a living, and employ five women who now can also feed their families. So buying our products, supports job creation exactly where it is needed.




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