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Handcrafted Nespresso Jewellery

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I am originally from Switzerland but have been living in Brackenfell, Cape Town, since 1974.

I have always been crafty and enjoyed it. A friend of mine gave me a few coffee pods and thought I should try to make a bracelet with them that she had seen in a crafting magazine. I gave it a go and it turned out well and from there we started making a few more and as we collected more pods, we started making more and different pieces until it has now become almost a full time job.


We make all of our pieces using recycled Nespresso coffee pods that we clean and wash individually. A special feature is that the pods are being recycled and not just thrown out to add pollution the environment. Using recycled items is a big and pleasing factor for us as we create something out of items which would ordinarily have been throw away. Seeing people wearing our pieces is very pleasing and inspires us to stay busy and creative.

We have special techniques, our trade secrets, that we use to clean and mould or turn our pods into the shapes we need. However, most of the work is done using various pliers and tong type tools.

Our range is made up of various bangles, necklaces, ear rings, angels, napkin rings and flowers.

We obviously use recycled coffee pods of all colours. Our bangles are made with pearls or wooden beads that are either all the same colour or multi-coloured. Some of them have an African theme achieved through their colours and a charm that is integrated into them.
Necklaces have different clips, rings and charms. We also integrate different types of chain, leather and suede into our designs.


We have many different necklaces. Our flared necklace with 6 pods across the front with beads is very popular and our signature necklace. We do necklaces with half-moon shaped pods and clips in two alternating colours with either 5 or 7 pods. We also do single pod necklaces which normally have a charm on them whcih may be a heart, owl, Africa-styled charm or one of many other trendy charms.

We have a big variety of earrings, some are smaller for those who like a smaller design with slightly larger ones to even bulkier and bolder ones that are more colourful.

Napkin rings are usually sold in sets of 4 and the colours and styles vary, also including Africa styles.

Our mini angels are very popular and make them in all the available colours. The angels fashioned out of 7 different pieces that make the finished item. These are the pod, the ring, the crown, the pearl, the cover, the wings and the thread that holds everything in place.

We remain very flexible when making any specific piece that someone would like. For example, it could be in a different colour or a slightly different style than the ones which we have available. We are willing to make the piece you want and either bring it to the next market or meet you somewhere to deliver it to you.



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