Lesley D

Lesley Demetriou

Stall 79

Teaspoon & leather jewellery

       Contact me at:

Cell:          082 4009 022

Email:       dies@vodamail.co.za










I was originally a leather crafter. The idea of turning upcycling teaspoons and flatware into jewellery was inspired by a customers beautiful teaspoon ring. I learnt the craft by trial and error and have now started turning coins into rings as well.




I try not to waste any part of the teaspoon or fork and often mix parts to create totally unique pieces of jewellery for men and ladies. I can personalize items for customers and also use their own teaspoons and forks if, for sentimental reasons, this is preferred.







I still have a love of all things leather and often mix the two mediums together.


The leather jewellery has a wide range of bracelets made for men as well as ladies and children.


Beautiful unisex leather belts are also available at my stall, all hand crafted by myself using first grade leather obtained from the tannery in Pietermaritzburg. Made to last a lifetime.



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