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Kay Firkins

Stall 142

Marmalade, Mustard, Bags and Keeping Cool

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Phone:     021 856 5063

Cell:          083 655 9406

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I started crafting in July 1994 with a friend. We had the privilege of joining Country Craft Market in September 1995. Many thing have changed over the years as well as products, some old favourites are still made while there is always room for the new ideas.



Mums Marmalade and Mustard have been with me from the beginning and remains to satisfy the needs of my loyal customer base. Mums Marmalade is available in 9 different flavours and Mums Mustard in 4 different flavours. Both are made using old family recipes which have been handed down from mother to daughter for several generations - hence the name 'Mums'

Initially when I started crafting I made easy to build Compost Bins from wood and Utility Sheets for the garden which then gave way to the ever popular Utility Bags. I still produce Utility Sheets on request.


Utility bags are very useful for collecting garden refuse, recyclable materials as well as for the laundry, toy storage and as a wood carrier bag.



With the banning of free plastic bags, I decide to make up a range of shopping bags. Bag in a Pocket is a shopping bag that scrunches into its' own pocket, no complicated folding and can be clipped on to your handbag. The pocket is big enough for another couple of floppy shoppers too so that you will never be caught without a shopping bag and along with the Tuff Shopper are still firm favourites with Craft Market visitors.

Not to be forgotten are the two styles of wall mounted wine racks, the Squiggle which is great fun and holds 6 bottles or the more elegant wine rack which holds 12 bottles.

And last but not least is the new addition to my line - Koolaz Kool Ties and Kool Mats which are wonderful for the hot weather to keep both humans and animals cool or can be used for moist heat therapy. I am very excited about my new product and have many plans for future items



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