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Felting Materials, Kits, Felt Products

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The easy way to approach felting is to simply purchase a meter or two at the material shop and cut and sew till a bag, puppet, or other item emerges. But the crafter who does this may just be missing much of the real joy and satisfaction of felting. I supply kits of the raw materials in the form of raw wool, combed but not spun. The true felting process involves manipulating these gossamer fibres into durable felt sheets, or sculpted little three dimensional items that can be anything from eggs to teddy bears.


I developed an appreciation for natural products when my children attended a Waldorf School. I found myself running a craft shop at the school and the joy of working with and experiencing the purity of these natural materials left its mark. Initially I made knitted items using pure wool, and produced a variety of knitted animals and other forms that are a sheer delight to old and young who appreciate the feelings and smell of natural fibres and textures.


Then, during a visit to Australia, I discovered felt and the seeds were sown for a new venture, that turned into more of an adventure. The person who introduced me to felt in Australia visited South Africa to present classes in felting, and I made sure I was in front of the queue. That was 11 years ago and the enthusiasm only grew with time. I progressed to being a full-time felter by 2000.


I use two methods of felting. In the first, the wool is wetted and soaped, and then rubbed to interlock the fibres until it forms a felt sheet. Merino wool is used for this. In the second, the wool fibres are entwined into a felt ball, using a felting needle. Corriedale wool is used for this.

Felt is a versatile medium and therefore gives one freedom of expression, being easy to adapt to any design and pattern, even as the article is taking form. As a consequence, I make many different and varying items. Since I am working with such a wonderful natural product, I can easily adapt what I am doing to my mood for the day.

I also supply felting wool and hand made felted articles to shops, and run a mail-order system to supply dyed wool, felt kits and felting needles to other felters all over the country. I also conduct workshops for adults and children, showing them how to felt.






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