Wendy Worboys

Stall 145

Children's knit wear

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Phone:     021 852 2922

Cell:          078 319 09673






I make knitwear for children in the age group birth to 5 years old - the ages when children still wear what their parents want them to wear. So KIDDIE KNITS are exactly what parents can use to show their children off .. and brighten each little one's life.





I have always enjoyed knitting and dressmaking and knit every garment with my own hands. In the UK my husband and I opened a knitting and sewing shop which we had for a number of years. I had been asked by family members to knit baby and small children's cloths with as much colour as possible as children love bright colours.


That was the start of my venture in the craft business. When South Africa beckoned, we moved here and once here and having given up thoughts of going back to the UK, I decided to fill that crafting gap in our lives by applying to the Country Craft Market to sell knitwear for the younger members of the community.






Apart from knits for kiddies to wear, I also knit specialty items such as heirloom blankets, designed to become family treasures for generations to come.








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