Carol & Tim Yarnold

Stall 148

Painted Glassware and Suncatchers

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Phone:     021 851 3450

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Between the two of us, we have developed and ever-evolving range of products. We strive to offer attractive items that integrated colour, movement and fun. We hope this is evident at our stall. While the many glass items can be seen playing with the sunlight, the suncatchers play with the wind to help throw colourful light-beams all around the area, adding a special radiance to the stall.





Our colourful glass items 

Tiny painted bottles for children

Painted light-bulbs

Window stick-ons

Fridge magnets

Jacobs ladders

Handmade greetings cards and gift tags

Hanging suncatchers

Hanging painted glass discs

Messages in bottles.

A large collection of stick-on decals


I also have a special interest is in sturdy educational toys that assist with children's development. The colourful and fun toys that Tim and I  produce help to promote motor skills and dexterity in children. For example, the Step 'n Catch links the foot to the eye. When stamped on, it sends a beanbag into the air that the child needs to try to catch. Dino Feet develop balance and co-ordination, Ringboards and Ring 'n' Stick teach accurate throwing skills, and Dingbats are great for improving rhythm. Solitaire, Whirr-Whirrs and Spinning Tops add their individual challenges in fun ways.






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