Faranaaz Hendricks-Bloew

Stall 23

Handbags, leather goods

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Phone:     021 703 0900

Cell:          076-782 0625

Email:       fbloew@hotmail.com










I have been making handbags since 1990, originally as a hobby, but now as a small business. I focus on a few versatile styles and good quality leather and fabrics, and make bags that suit most requirements. My bags are extremely practical, yet still attractive, and are a fine accessory to almost all conventional outfits.







My range comprises ladies handbags in leather and fabrics. I only use genuine leather and quality upholstery fabrics. 


Each bag is hand crafted and enjoys my most careful attention to detail and quality.





My collection of bags includes a number of designs in both leather and fabric. They are predominantly sling bags, some made from just leather, others made only from fabric, and yet others are a mixture of both. Natural and earthy colours make them adaptable and versatile.










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