Garden Curio Art

Ronaldino Tigere

Stall 116

Mixed Media Garden Sculptures

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I make sculptures of large and small birds, and also small animals of all kinds that will add interest and beauty to any garden. Whether it is window box, a small town garden, a big open garden, a pool garden, an office garden or just a pot plant, I will have a sculpture for you that will add an extra bit of nature to your garden.


I grew up in the township of Tafara in Harare. It is this township that has produced most of the well known stone carvers of Zimbabwe. So as a young boy I played amongst the stone carvers and simply by helping my elders, I was acquiring my own skills in the traditional art of stone carving.


Birds became my first subjects and with the help of Newman's book of birds, I was able to increase my range beyond what I had experience personally. With all my work, I try to ensure an authentic image even though it is influenced by my own style of sculpture.


Later I turned to metal work and welding to add another dimension to my collection. This also allowed me to produce a bigger variety of bird and animal sculptures.


My Garden Curio Art collection includes both metal and stone works. The small birds are carved from stone for which I prefer to use opal from Zimbabwe. Larger birds and my collection of small animals are made using various metals and techniques. Some sculptures are a mixture of both stone and metal.


 Whether your garden is in the country, town or city, local or foreign, one of my sculptures will give them a little breath of our diverse African nature.



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