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Fred and Rosemarie Mostert

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Bird feeders, lamps, caddies, coasters

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At our stall, my wife Rosemary and I offer a range of bird feeders that are designed to attract birds to your garden. It is no accident that we chose to start making these feeders as I wanted to do exactly that, attract birds to our garden.









jack and jill


After lots of observation and even more experimentation, I have developed designs that favour the little birds that fill the garden with song. Larger birds like pigeons, soon discover our feeders do not allow them to pinch the birdseed intended for the songbirds. Our garden birds on the other hand find a convenient and interesting sitting place on our feeders, and reward us with the lovely bird noises that add a special dimension to gardens.


So you too can have this joy, with one or more of our original designs that come in a number of interesting forms. We know from personal experience, that they will keep your feathered friends in the garden, happy and singing.


lamp and well


On a more practical note, (not a birdsong note), our feeders are all made to be weather proof. Waterproof glues keep them in perfect shape whatever the season or weather, and hand painting with 2 coats of paint and a UV sealer, makes sure they are well and completely treated against deterioration by the sun and rain.


So as to cater for varying menus, our feeders come in seed, seed and fruit, and fruit dispensing designs. The rest is up to your imaginations and the preferences of your avian garden visitors.


Woodwork is obviously the main craft required in the making of these feeders, so I also use this skill to make other wooden items. Among them are lamps, caddies, and coasters. Come view our range at our stall. And although we cannot guarantee bird visitors for you at our stall, we know our feeders will attract them to your garden.




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