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Red Earth Trophies and Sculptures

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I was born and raised in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Much of my youth was spent in small towns, and the move to a small farming community nestling in the foothills of the southern Drakensberg was an important time in my life. Living amongst these vast and isolated rolling hills, I gained an appreciation for the land of my birth, it's beauty and stark contrasts.




Later in life, I studied for the National Diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture, and also passed the National Trade Certificate in Precious Metal Working and Mounting. So the skills were in place and a unique inspiration was to follow.


With the devastating fires around Cape Town in January 2000, Nature gave me the nudge I needed to find my own artistic direction. It was a horrific time for all influenced by the fires and as the flames were quelled and a gentle wind began to clear the air, we were forced to come to terms with a stark, barren, surrealist landscape that stood before us.


The endless piles of rock that cascaded down onto Chapman's Peak drive after the fires, inspired the work I now do. Pursuing a passion to create and work with natural objects, I sought a way to combine the skills I learned as a goldsmith with the ability to appreciate the texture and shape of rock. The result was my own sculptural form.




Each sculpture is a unique original, meticulously handcrafted in precious metal. Much attention is paid to capturing the movements and body language of each miniature human form, giving life to every sculpture as a portrayal in miniature of a moment in time.


Every figure contains two hallmarks, visible on either side in the rear of the head. The grade of the metal alloy is represented by the hallmark on the right, whilst opposite is my signature stamp. Each piece is also signed to certify these as one of my original works.




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