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Beaded Baskets

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While growing up in East London's Ndevana Township, I learned both the cultural and technical aspects of this craft from my mother. As soon as I had completed her matric, I continued my studies, in business management, at a college in East London.

This equipped me to face the world of commerce and I headed for Cape Town to start my own business.

When you examine beadwork, is is obvious that there is an enormous number of beads that get used to decorate each item. I cannot tell how many beads I uses to decorate my craftwork, but certainly a number of thousands of beads are used for each basket. Then, because of the attention I have to pay to the designs and patterns I am making, each tiny bead used has to be selected and threaded in the correct order - all by hand.






My colourful additions to these baskets are not haphazard, but are based on the traditional colours of Southern African tribes. They use gold, black and brown to reflect Xhosa culture, incorporate blue to capture the cultural identity of the Zulus, and make orange dominated designs that are reminiscent of the Ndebele people's colour preferences.








In themselves, my baskets, which are made by my mother, are fine works of craft, being decorative and beautifully made. Using dark grass and reeds split into fine strips, my mother weaves intricate patterns that give me an excellent basis for my task of adding further embellishment.



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