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Yvonne Manyiki

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Weaved and Beaded Jewellery

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My inspiration comes from God and my loving and supportive husband, daughter and sister. I enjoy being creative and love transforming ideas into business.

I began my business as Yvonne Designs in 2006, buying and selling hats, jewellery and ladies hand bags. During this time I discovered that many of my customers were looking for customized beaded jewellery and I was unable to meet their needs since I was unable to design beaded jewellery. Then one day I was struggling to find a specific jewellery design for myself and this lead to me developing a desire to design my own jewellery, ladies bags and traditional clothes.


In 2012, I took a break from my business to pursue the acquiring of beading skills. I learned beading through books and videos and also took an opportunity to attend various business-study workshops. The task was to understand my target market and to come up with creative ways of doing business differently to my competition. From a product point of view, my primary focus was to come up with durable, genuine designs that would allow me to stop simply selling mass produced products.

I gradually fell in love with art and craft and unlocked my innate artist. Toward the end of the year I began designing my own jewellery and wearing it just to test people’s reaction to it. To my surprise many people showed interest in my new look and were asking where I was buying my jewellery. And that is how I managed to start marketing my new designs and orders started to roll in.


In early 2013 I established a new brand that I called Dimzique Designs and registered it as an entity. I began marketing the new brand on social media. In case you’re wondering just how I came up with the name? I have my husband to thank for that. He suggested that we combine our two names and see what we came up with i.e. Dimpho (my Sotho name) and Mzandile  (his nickname is Mzi), The first combination was Dimzi but we later realized it sounded unfinished. We then decided to add “que” and that resulted in Dimzique.


Many people like my work and working directly with customers helps me to develop relationship with them and cater for their specific needs. I allow my customers to order customized versions of my jewellery if they cannot find what they are looking for. I then try to meet their exact specifications. As a result, new and unique designs are born. It is no longer about my own style but about bringing to life a piece that complements the client's lifestyle, personality, budget and essence.

For the past years, Dimzique has grown from strength to strength. I was invited to showcase my products in major events such as Odyssey fashion show, ICC events, Kamers etc. I am currently participating at Country Market and Kirstenbosch market. There are plans to showcase my products at the CCDI shop at Waterfront.

All of our designs are hand crafted, unique and customizable. Included in our jewellery design range are: Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Feet Jewellery, Hand Jewellery plus a few other items. The Jewellery is made using seed beads, crystals, other beads and nickel free metal.

The designs are all handmade, therefore, expect slight variations between different items.



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