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Scrolling Woodwork

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Scrolling is woodwork using a scroll saw to cut out patterns and shapes from wooden sheets or planks. It allows one to create pictures as well as producing specific objects like my extensive range of cross forms.





It is a wonderful hobby and craft that is both relaxing and creative. It allows you to turn bits of scrap wood into useful objects from toys, to attractive pictures, to all kinds of practical household items.


Of course, the important thing is to have a good scroll saw that will allow you to do the kind of work that interests you.




I am more of an intricate-detail scroller and have set up a little workshop for myself at home. I have been doing scrolling for about ten years, but only in the last four have I started to take it more seriously. It is a hobby I can recommend but advise that should you consider taking up this fine pastime, do get the best scroll saw you can afford as it will ensure that you get the most pleasure from using it.


Also be sure to check that the saw allows you to do the kind of work that you would like to as different scroll saws have quite different features and capabilities.




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