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We produce a collection of fabric products including table runners, mats, wall hangings, cushion covers, batik, placemats, shirts and African materials. They are decorated with a wide range of African motifs and designs that reflect all aspects of life in Africa.  This means, its peoples and their art forms, nature in all its diversity, animals, many cultures and lot more.






Beautiful African woven or printed fabrics are used to make a collection of bags, cushion covers, cushions, place mats and shirts. You can see many more examples on our website


Bold and graphic african patterns, designs and images make them striking and beautiful. These are ideal momentos for visitors to South Africa. Useful and easy to pack, but also very African.








endless mat

We also have table runners and other items produced from Kuba cloth.


The basis of this range of fabric products is Kuba cloth, named after the Congo tribe that makes it. This traditional cloth is still hand made in various villages according to age-old traditions and techniques.


The cloth is made in sections and joined to make up the specific items. For example, table runners are about 5 metres by 0.75 metres and this will be made from a number of panels stitched together. The designs are cut and sewn onto a base cloth. This is something like the Mola work of South America (coincidentally made by a similar sounding tribe, the Kuna Indians). The enormous variety of possible designs together with the specific handwork style of different crafters, make each cloth section unique and as varied as the imaginations of the crafters. It is quite impossible to find a duplicate cloth.







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