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Glen & Andrea Smith

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Handcrafted Organic Gifts

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Phone:     021 555 0990

Cell:          078 60 66 984 Andrea, 076 943 2805 Glen






"Necessity is the Mother of all Invention"
When the need for something becomes essential, you are forced to find ways of achieving it. This is so true to our origins in the Arts and Crafts Sector.


Due to a family emergency, we were forced to move back to Namibia. Unable to work due to visa restrictions, we started looking at alternative ways to occupy our time and create some form of income.

Namibians appreciate the natural beauty of their country and this made us look at using those things in plain sight but often overlooked - things like beautiful pods, seeds, seashells, ostrich eggs, wood, leather, quills - in fact, anything that had an unusual shape, texture and appeal.


Hence our Natural Mobiles were born and from there we gradually started to diversify. It gives us enormous pleasure relaying information about these items. From their healing properties to where we obtained them. The world is definitely an Oyster and we found many "pearls" in magnificent Nature!



Our inspiration is a winding dry riverbed, a beautiful serene walk in the forest, bushwhacking in the Northern Cape and Namibia, a day trip to Kirstenbosch or even a simple stroll down the beach at low tide.




Please visit our stall for:

Mobiles: Natural or Shell, Hearts

Leather goods: Art on Miniature canvas, elephant keyrings and table weights, drawstring pouches.

Quill goods: frames, hairpins, toothpick holders


Other natural products: lovebean keyrings, Imfibinga Jewellery, Ostrich Eggshell Jewellery, Guineafowl Feather Earrings, Springbok Coasters, memo holders


Beadwork (for our Obsessive Compulsive Nature): Wineglass ID's, Coil Bangles, Napkin Rings


Look forward to meeting you at the Country Craft Market!







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