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Apart from my main products, my glycerine soap range, when the Christmas season is approaching, I also bring out my Christmas fare that includes all sorts of items to make Christmas more merry. More on that nearer Christmas time.

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I make an exciting range of luxury glycerine soap and bath products. They are perfect gifts for any occasion and in view of this, most items are sold decoratively packaged. There are also soap and bath-salts gift-packs.



The glycerine is vegetable derived - no animal or petroleum byproducts are used for my soaps. Therefore they are very Vegan friendly. The soap does not contain parabens, that are preservatives found in many commercial products, and that raise a number of health concerns. It is bio-degradable and earth-friendly. Glycerine soap can be either translucent or opaque.



The items shown here are but a sample of the full smörgasbord of fragrant and frothy delights that you simple need to view and try. These are the kind of gifts that you buy for others, and then simply cannot resist keeping them yourself.





My Glycerine bars come in sizes from 20g guest soaps to a 500g loaf. The soap is available in a wide range of scents and colours, as well as an unscented, uncoloured option for very sensitive skin. The range includes:

Tubs of shaving soap
Stain-removing Laundry bar
Kitchen soap, with coffee grounds to deodorize and Teatree essential oil to heal hands

Gardener's soap, with ground pumice and Teatree essential oil
Pet Hygeine bar
Bath salts

I am always experimenting with various additives to extend my range, so come see what is new.


About Glycerine Soaps

Glycerine soaps offer many benefits. Glycerine is hygroscopic , that is it absorbs water from the air and when on your skin, will also draw moisture to the skin, helping your skin to remain hydrated, and therefore soft. It is also beneficial to skin that is sensitive to irritation from the many environmental irritations that surround us.

Research shows that glycerine helps skin cells mature properly and also helps the cells, in the external protective membrane of the skin, to secrete extra lipids that provide a protective barrier.

Now here is something most people do not know. Glycerine is a by-product of the normal soap making process, but soap manufacturers often strip much of the glycerine from the soap to be used in their more luxurious bath and skin products. When making glycerine soaps, all the glycerine is retained to add its full benefits to the soap.

It is often said that the skin is the largest human organ of the human body. It is our primary defense against everything from infections to climate extremes. You owe it to your skin, and therefore yourself, to use glycerine soapsand do include the whole family. The fact that glycerine soaps are highly indulgent, is just an added advantage - and a luxurious reward for taking care of your skin.




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