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Karen Milligan

Stall 67

Wooden Stand-up Puzzles

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I make Animal Puzzles and Stand-up Wooden Puzzles






I have been making my wooden puzzles for the last 15 years and have been at the Country Craft Market for about 16 years.


My wooden puzzles are aimed at providing young children with an entertaining pastime but also an educational challenge. Assembling these puzles is also a good hand and eye cordination exercise.



To make it easy for children, these puzzles can be put together lying flat. Then when they are assembled, they can be stood up vertically to show them off better. The animal shapes make them useful as decorations in children's rooms, and they can stand on shelves or cabinets etc.


I use only water-based paints to paint the images of the animals on the puzzles. This paint is safe for children. The puzzles are suitable for children from 18 months. They are made up of between 3 and 9 pieces and also have vinyl eyes.




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