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Loving one's job is a good way to make sure one puts everything into what you do. And I love plants, all plants. While some please the eye with flowers, others add those special smells that make the garden more pleasant and of course also beautify the inside of the house as cut flowers. Even other plants like my trees offer shade and will become big features in gardens. But the flowers of spring please me most and make me wish it was Always September




All the plants I sell are made at my nursery by me. I start plants from seed or cuttings and take care of them until they are developed enough to sell. I started 5 years ago and have built up quite a collection and stock of plants. It is now my fulltime work.


Because of this, I know all about the growing conditions of the plants I sell and I can give you good advice about how and where to plant them.





I have shrubs, trees, fruit trees, many flowering bulb plants, annuals, perennials and herbs.


My favourite species are the:
petunia, pansy, marigold, felicia, stocks, snapdragon, dianthus, parsley, coriander, celery, thyme, rosemary, bougainvillea, daisie, honeysickle, azalea ..... but there are many more as well. 


You can check with me if there is a specific plant that you are looking for.



See you in spring, or if you wish, call me.



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