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Ingrid Liebenberg

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I was born and trained in Germany and loved handbags from an early age. My dad was the Designer and Factory Manager in large manufacturing companies in Germany. This enabled me to "PLAY" in his Design Studio whenever possible.


Needless to say, he also trained me and on arriving in SA, I designed for a luggage manufacturer, where I also trained in production management.

I then specialized in handbag design at a handbag manufacturer.




I also worked for some years in an exclusive handbag boutique, advising and assisting clients, amongst them some celebrities. Through this, I gained very valuable sales and retail experience while designing my own handbags.


After the children had grown up, I decided it was time to go back to my "first love", handbags.


ALEXIS ORIGINALS has been inspired by luxury design brands such as Hermes, that caters for the modern, discerning woman.

Likewise, I create my unique designs in limited quantities only, as I handcraft everything myself. I follow the process from design through cutting, skyving, preparing and sewing to the meticulous finishing.


My styles range from elegant to somewhat African-inspired to sporty. S there is something for every woman.


One of my most interesting designs, expressing natural textures and form must be the " Wild Bag". In this design, I use the three dimensional qualities of ostrich and ostrich leg to create a wave detail.


Another iconic design would be the "Angel Bag" that also makes use of the three dimensional element, this time using bovine leather. This creation captures the soft and delicate elegance of the feminine.


I expand my range of designs every season. So there will always be something new that expresses my creativity and technical expertise in a unique, artistic design.


The well-managed Somerset West Country Craft Market creates a lovely ambiance that is the perfect backdrop for me to showcase my designer handbags. I welcome your visits so please come and spend some time with me and at also at our market.






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