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I was born in Germiston and existed there for 40 years. After moving to the Cape 18 years ago, I finally started living my dream.

After a long battle to get pregnant, I had to suddenly stop working or lose the baby because I had to bed rest. I had decided to be a stay at home Mom after my daughter was born prematurely at 32 weeks. I had almost no clothes to fit her, so started making her baby-grows. Friends wanted to know where I bought her clothes and the demand to supply others grew. I started marketing at Rosebank Craft Market and at Monte Casino market, until I moved to Gordon's Bay.


My Children's clothing range is mainly inspired by our South African animals and nature. I love to turn other peoples cupboard clear-outs into beautiful usable items.


Features Include:
On the Dolls clothing, I mainly use recycled or repurposed materials and wool.
Hand painting and machine embroidery
Children's clothing mainly cottons or some times a blend
Dolls clothing - anything goes as long as it can be washed
Rainbow Babies - bodies made from cotton and filled with fibre dolls houses - 100% recycled wood, plastic, ceramic etc.




My range:
Dresses with animal borders - Penguins, zebra, ostriches, meerkats, elephants, guinea fowl
Township dresses - depicting life in our Townships
Boys shorts and t shirts with embroidered animals
Baby grows (Onesies) long and short with embroidered animals
Barbie Dolls Houses - complete and furniture for rooms can be made on request
Clothing for Ken and Barbie - made up in sets with shoes, handbag, cell phone, and sunglasses.
Bridal outfits - packs with shoes, veil/tiara, bouquet, petticoat and panty to complement the wedding gowns
Baby Quilts and mobiles
RAINBOW BABIES - machine washable rag dolls with an adoption certificate
Dolls and Teddy bear clothing in all sizes
Doll and Teddy bear repairs and re clothing of old cherished toys
























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