Katharine Ambrose

Casual Member

African-life Paintings

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Phone:     021 850 0481

Cell:          082 429 0250






My studio in Somerset West is a beautiful old house in Church Street. It has been renovated with the specific idea of providing me an ideal environment and creative space to do my work.





The inspiration for my paintings comes from the people living all around us in our southern part of Africa. I try to capture the scenes of everyday life in the vivid colours with which our African sun lights up our Rainbow People. 


In my travels around South Africa, from the Mpumalanga HIghlands down to the shores of the southern Cape provinces, I record my observations and impressions by make countless sketches and colour notes that then form the bases of my paintings. So they truly reflect the lives of our people in their daily lives.






While I work in a number of media, my favourite is acrylic that I feel produces the freshness I want in my paintings. It also offers me much freedom of expression and technique. The result I believe is a vivid expression of African life in its richness of colour.


My work is exhibited throughout South Africa, but also has been shown internationally at places such as Paris, Geneva, England, Germany, Belgium, the USA and Singapore.



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