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Alvin Mark Schroeder

On Sabbatical

Contemporary Ethnic Craft and Art

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I guess that I have an unusual background. With a German somewhere in my recent ancestry, I carry the name Schroeder, but inside I carry the soul of Africa in my blood and roots, handed down to me by my ancient African ancestors, the Koisan.






I chose to use my artistic abilities to capture in my pictures, all the images that lie deep within me. But I also try to add to the growing collection of documentation that depicts the lives and knowledge of this original African people.



For those non-South Africans who do not know, the Koisan are the early inhabitants of Southern Africa who fell prey to a number of invasions from other African nations and foreign colonisers.

Yet thankfully much of their rich culture remains known through rock paintings and handed-down traditions from thousands of years ago. And even more is being discovered all the time.



I choose charcoal as a medium which may well seem unusual. I feel it helps capture the essence of my subjects, people and animal, in their early African setting, showing scenes of African nature, as well as the lifestyle of the Koisan


To carry the message better, I add a touch of antiquity to my pictures by dyeing the canvas in rooibos tea, and coating this to preserve it colouring. This parchment appearance forms a perfect background to the charcoal drawings that he skilfully sketches.



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