Kim Schwerdtfeger

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Mosaic Artwork and Gifts

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Phone:     021 706 2960

Cell:          083 266 2899

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I first discovered mosaics about fifteen years ago in 2003 when my son was two. I have always been very creative and did art as a subject for Matric amongst all sorts of creative activities and hobbies that kept me occupied. Gardening has been a lifelong passion of mine and is another place where I can literally lose myself. I have often pruned a plant for a friend/family member and landed up beautifying and pruning their entire garden. Gardens and nature do that to me, in the same way mosaics do. I just get lost, for hours.


After Matric, I pursued a very corporate career and anyone who knows me will also know that it just was not the path I was destined for. Besides interacting with people whom I love, it did not feed my soul and I have discovered that one has to be true to oneself and do what makes one happy, even when it is scary.

So approximately a year ago, with my eye for colour and design, coupled with hours and hours of practice and still improving technique, I launched and am still growing A Peace of Me. Peace, because it really is what feeds my heart and soul and allows me to be who I am. My work is an expression of that.

My fiancÚ helped me choose a name for my mosaics and the play on words describes what being creative does for me. It is my peace and each piece I create, is a labour of love that literally has a piece of my heart in it.


I work with various media, including glass mosaics, stained glass, ceramics and porcelain and am constantly creating unique art which make unique gifts. I really am most inspired by nature and animals and you will see this in my subject matter, even though it varies widely.

I am most grateful when entrusted with client's commissions and like to spend time with clients really understanding their ideas and wishes so as to translate them accurately into what they see in the finished product. I am able to take on literally anything that can be mosaiced - murals; kitchen and bathroom splashbacks; garden ornaments/design; mirrors; any 3D substrate - vases; mannequins etc.

Please come and visit me at the market or contact me directly via my facebook page. Other contact details are also supplied above. I really look forward to chatting to you.






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