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The 2nd Somerset West Scout Group has been associated with the Southey's Vines Country Craft Market for many years. In fact they have been there from the very beginning when the Cubs (8 to 10 year olds) and their Moms began to serve tea and coffee, scones and cakes, etc.

Some time after the Cubs began serving teas at the Country Craft Market, the Scouts (11 to 17 year olds) and Dads began to produce hamburgers alongside the tea garden. Their hamburgers have become quite renowned and they usually have difficulty keeping up with the demand.


Originally they used the present Lions Hall on the original Country Craft Market site at Barlow Park. When the Market moved to Southey's Vines the tea and coffee were served inside the house.


The Cubs tea and coffee seating area is situated on the shaded veranda at the back of the house.



Be sure to visit us to enjoy tea or coffee with a variety of eats. See you there on Country Craft Market days.


Funds raised from the Market have over the years been used to subsidize training of the Cubs, Scouts and uniformed staff in the Group, as well as to maintain the Scout Hall and grounds in Drama Street. The participation at the Craft Market is regarded as being part of the training for Cubs where skills are learned while serving the public.


About  the Scout Movement

The South African Scout Association is part of the worldwide Scout movement which has evolved over many years, since its development under the founder, (Lord) Robert Baden-Powell, after his experiences in South Africa during the Anglo-Boer war in the early 1900s.

The aim of the Association is to assist and guide boys, girls and young adults to achieve their full potential as individuals, as responsible citizens and as respected members of their local, national and international communities by developing them spiritually, socially, intellectually and physically.

This is done through exciting programmes, using challenges and targets comprising 'milestones' in the form of interest and advancement badges. These widely varied interest badges, once achieved, are proudly displayed on their shirts.

The badges also indicate their progress along the path towards achieving the advancement badges, named the Cheetah, Leopard, Lion and Leaping Wolf Badges in Cubs, which lead them steadily to the smooth cross-over to the senior group, the Scouts.

During this programme basic skills such as fire making, cooking, knotting, camping and map / compass reading, to name just a few, are acquired. Along the way, Cubs learn in a practical and fun way about their Community, other countries and cultures, nature, etc. and inter-Six (Pack level) and inter-Pack (Area level) Challenges periodically test their skills.

Scouts go on to improve these skills by adding even more variety to the program, offering items from astronomy to zoology, including fishing, first aid, hikes (inc. night hikes), longer camps, mountaineering and watercraft skills, etc! The Scout advancement badges are named Pathfinder, Adventurer, First Class, Explorer and Springbok - South African Scouting's Top Award.

The Scouts test their skills between their individual Patrols within the Troop and the wider Area competitions, where Troops compete. Volunteers are in charge of Cub and Scout training and in the case of 2nd Somerset West Group these are highly dedicated people from all walks of life who continually manage to produce high-quality Cubs and Scouts through their tireless efforts.



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