Pacha Mama

Pam Stallebrass

On Sabbatical


Screen printing, dyed fabrics



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Phone:     021 851 5725


Cell:          072 203 2109





Crafts and travel are my passions. After my husband and I were married, we built a catamaran and sailed across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal and southwards to Peru. We worked there for 2 years.






 I was fascinated by the ancient and modern crafts we saw there, such as weaving, knitting and dyeing. One of my favourite colour combinations that I still use is from a poncho we bought in Cusco. It was dyed with colours found locally, cochineal, indigo and others.


In 1980 we settled in Somerset West and saw the need for a local craft market. With two friends I started the Country Craft Market. I went through a few different products, porcelain dolls, original portraits of children, beads and machine knitting. Now I do screen printing and dyeing. I find this continually challenging and exciting.



I take my painted and dyed fabrics to a quilting show in Malvern near Worcester every year. Since my daughter, Linda, lives in England now I can also take time off to visit her and my grand daughter.

My background in art teaching makes me want to share my knowledge and I have written two books, The South African Guide to Fabric Screen Printing (published by Struik), and Beadwork, a World Guide (published by Thames and Hudson), It has Japanese, American, French and German editions. I am busy on a third book now, watch this space!


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